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Jams of the Night, such swingin’ music they be! Joined Chuck Kowalski, fellow chiptunist and one half of Haberchuck, we’ll be getting into a style of VGM that boogies it’s way into most music he makes. Get ready for funky FM, the smokiest of Jazz and chiptune dorkier of the highest degree!

Be sure to check out the Haberchucks music on both Twitter and soondcloud!

Tracklist –

Dilapidated Town – Street of Rage – Yuzo Koshiro

Read Only Memories – 2 Mello

Tasteful – Tales of Phantasia – Motoi Sakuraba

Black and White – Masaya Shiranaga

Unnessecary Sex Scene – R3 (R3tron)

Night Club Zone – A M 4 N

Take It And Run – Breath of Fire 3 – Yoshino Aoki, Akari Kaida

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