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What kinda Emporium would this be with out a constant flow of Shop Themes? And this time around gonna be featuring few from a series that is beloved for it’s many Shop Themes, Persona. From delightfully cheesy to downright transcendent!

Tracklist –

Satomi Tadashi Drug Store – Revelations: Persona – Hidehito Aoki

1st and 2nd Ward Shopping District – Revelations: Persona – Hidehito Aoki

Mysterious Item Shop (Tony’s Shop) – Persona 2 – Masaki Kurokawa

Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (Jika Net Tanaka) – Persona 3 – Shoji Meguro, Katsura Hashino, Takaya Masahide.

How Much? – Persona 4 – Shoji Meguro

Home Electronics Shop – Persona 5 –


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