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Bargain Bin Games, most of the time they are schlocky shovelware that make you wonder why they’re made. But sometimes there are ones that truly did not deserve to be in there. Joined by Pernell of Rhythm & Pixels, we discuss some games that shined bright from within the depths of the bin, All with awesome music! Ridiculousness ensues!

Tracklist –

Overpass – GITAROO MAN -Music/Arrangement: Tomohiro Harada, Drums: Yusuke Nishikawa, Guitars & Bass: Yoshifumi Yamaguchi

Belzeds Haunted Tower- Kick Master -Yusuke Takahama, Nobuyuki Shioda

EX-Island – Stretch Panic – Norio Hanzawa

Level 7 – Decap Attack – Horoto Kanno

Croog’s Doom Dozer – Drilldozer – Go Ichinose, Satoshi Nohara

Kyoku – Killer 7 – Masafumi Takada

Dark Shopping District – Revelations: Persona – Shoji Meguro


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