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Well here it is folks, the last episode of 2022. And what better way to cap off the year then to feature my first time interviewing complete strangers about VGM at a Gaming Convention! Didn’t get as many as hoped but the ones I did get cover a pretty wide spectrum, from a gamer enjoying the Con to the Production Head of Digital Eclipse! It was a great time and I’m so excited to share this with you all!

Tracklist –

Spencer Pedimonte, Expo attendee and Sonic Fan:

Live and Learn – Sonic Adventure 2 – Crush 40


Jammel and Hayden, Indie Developers of Vassal:

JAmmel –

Hayden –

Bamboo Boogaloo (Past and Future) – The Messenger – Rainbowdragoneyes

To The Center of Demoniac Castle – Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance – Sosgiro Hokkai

Tower of Dolls – Castlevania Judgement – Yasushi Asada


Stephen Frost, Production Head W/ Digital Ecplipse:

Gut, Schlecht, Besser – Electronic Lifestyle – Remute

Kn – Fez – Disasterpiece

Armor Armarge Stage Arrange – CAPCOM 30th ANNIVERSARY Music Best:Original & Arrange – Dead Ball P


Danny Tatro, Armageddon Potato Games:

Starlight Festival – DDRKirby(ISQ)


The interviews with Steve and Danny had to be edited a bit so here are the links to the full recording

Stephen Frost –

Danny Tatro –


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