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I’ll admit there’s Something that is lacking on the shelves, that being tunes from the N64. But today that is being remedied with a visit from Mike Levy of Dude You Haven’t Played This Game and XVGM Radio! What he’s brought in are not just any ol’ N64 jams, these are some deep cuts as only to be expected for the shop! So get your finest tennis racket, strap on your best grapplin’ gloves and why not bring along your strongest demon! We’re going for dive deep into the N64th Dimension!

Be sure to check out What Mike is up to! His game review and edutainment series DYHPTG as well as XVGM Radio vgm podcast

Tracklist –

Sunset Bay – Waverace 64 – Kazumi Totaka

City Court – Centre Court Tennis – Hayato Matsuo

Volcanic – Mischief Makers – Norio Hanzawa

World Map – Zool: Majuu Tsukai Densetsu – Takaheshi Yamazuke

VS. Mode Select Screen – Hybrid Heaven – Nobuyuki Akena, Yusuke Kato

The Great Wall (Mei Ling’s Stage) – Fighters History 2 – Hideya Nagata

Join Hands – Aero Gauge – Kazuhisa Kamifuji, Akiko Hida, Hiroko Ogihara

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