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Notebook? Check! Trech coat? Check! Blaster? Check! This unshakeable feeling that the one we’re investigating is always a few steps ahead? Check?.. Joined by Professor Tom, host of Shujin Academy VGM Club, we slueth our way through some games that involve investigation in some form. Can we put the pieces together before it’s too late?

You can find and follow Professor Tom and Shujin Academy VGM Club here

Tracklist –

Main Theme – Professor Layton and The Curious Village – Tomohito Nishiura

First Lead – SD Snatcher – Konami Kukeiha Club

Dick Gumshoe. That’s Detective Gumshoe Pal! – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Noriyuki Iwadare

Office (Kojiroh) – E.V.E. Burst Error – Ryu Umemoto

Last – Danganronpa – Masafumi Takada

Kamui Uehara – The Silver Case – Masafumi Takada

Ayumi / That’s Right 2 – Famicom Tantei Club Chapter 2 – Kenji Yamamoto


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