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Yes sir, VGM is pretty awesome! But wanna know what is more awesome? The people who celebrate it! And that is what POW XI was all about. So many lovers of VGM there to listen to 5 amazing musicians (nmlstyl, Buttonmasher, Danimal Cannon, Mega Ran and Bitshifter) sharing their love for VGM! It was an amazing experience! A huge thank you the 8bitSF for hosting the event, check out their site for future vgm goodness

**In light of the recent announcement of the passing of Ruichi Sakamoto, I have featured one of my favorite performances of his as the ourtro. He was a true musical force if nature, a huge inspiration for many of the composers that we in the VGM Community celebrate. If you can would highly recommend watching the 2017 Documentary “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda”**

Tracklist –

Reformat The World – Information Chase – Bit Shifter

Dotted – NMLSTYL – nmlstyl

Saber Rager – Buttonmasher

Suplex-a-Locomotive – Retromania Wrestling – Danimal Cannon

Come Back Player of the Year (Cruisin’ Remix – Live ‘95 – Mega Ran, KazuBEATZ

Thousand Knives (2009 Live Performance) – Ryuichi Sakamoto


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