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special orders are in! Again! Got a pretty eclectic batch of tunes from some returning customers. If you’d like to make a special order then send it over to or join the discord and place it there!

Tracklist –

Can You Feel The Sunshine?(Famitracker Cover) – Sonic R – OG: Richard Jaques / Arrange: Amilgi/Iglima – Ordered by Martyrus

Cyburb Slide – Twisted Metal – Chuck E. Myers, Tom Hopkins, Lance Lenhart – Ordered by Haberchuck

St. Gabriels Mask (Vocal Remix – Sega Power Cuts 1 (Ecco the Dolphin) – Spencer Nilsen, Gary Cirimelli – Ordered by Pocket Eliri

Lubricating Shot – Bangai-O Spirits – Norio Hanzawa – Ordered by Crazygoji

Midboss – Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes – Ryu Yonemitsu – Ordered by Purnell


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