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Today we’ll be revisiting the topic which had been originally suggested by Martyrus of RE-VGM. That being Chiptune covers of music from modern video games and this time around I am joined by Martyrus who had more to share from his search for remixes and covers for his show.

You can find all of Martyrus’s social links as well as episodes of RE-VGM at

Tracklist –

Dearly Beloved 8-bit – Kingdom Hearts – OG: Yoko Shinomura / Cover: 8bitfish

Splintered Sweets in the Castle (YM2612+SN76489 Arrangement) – Omori – Arrange: John Tay

Daughter of the Dark God [8-bit; VRC6] – Octopath Traveler – OG: Yasunori Nishiki /Arrange: bran

Last Surprise SNES Remix W/ Super MIDI Pak – Persona 5 – OG: Shoji Meguro / Arrange: Buttonmasher

The Days When My Mother was There (8-bit Redux)- Persona 5 – OG: Shoji Meguro / Arrange: Rodrigo Pereira

K.K Cruisin’ (Chiptune 2a03+VRC6+N163 amArrangement) – Animal Crossing: New Horizans – OG: Toru Minegishi / Arrange: Chipjockey

Friday Night – Yakuza 0 – Arrange: Turtlebro


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