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Now a days when a game is on multiple platforms it is the same. But back in the days of yore (80’s/90’s) they could be almost entirely different games! Such is the case with these 3 classics i’m featuring today. Developed at around the same time, the versions that most played on the NES were very different from the versions that made it to arcades in gameplay, story and, modt important, music.

Tracklist –

Prologue – Willow(NES) – Harumi Fujita

Indoors, Dialogue and Treasure Chest – Willow(NES) – Harumi Fujita

Shop – Willow(Arcade) – Takeshi Tateishi

Nockmar Castle – Willow(NES) – Harumi Fujita

Nockmar Tower (Stage 6-2) – Willow(Arcade) – Takeshi Tateishi

Slumberland – Little Nemo The Dream Master(NES) – Junko Tamiya

Slumber Land (Stage 2) – Nemo(Arcade) – Yoko Shimomura

Nightmareland – Little Nemo The Dream Master(NES) – Junko Tamiya

Nightmare Castle (Stage 6) – Nemo(Arcade) – Yoko Shimomura

Bravery, On the Clutches – Ninja Gaiden(NES) – Ryuichi Nitta

Sumo Wrestler (L.A. Stage and Grand Canyon Stage Boss BGM) – Mikio Saito

Everyone Likes…Sukiyaki? (Game Clear – Ending) – Ryuichi Nitta


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