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VGMporium is visited by another guest, Gene Dreyband of Pixelated Audio! And he brings with him a topic that he has been wanting to talk about but found to wierd for hisnown show, that being Musicians and Composers from outside of the Video Game world..composing VGM! and he figured that my humble shop would be the perfect place to unleash it from his headspace. Prepare for an eclectic and strange experience folks!

Gene is one of two hosts of Pixelated Audio, the vgm podcast that started me on my journey to starting my own! I would highly recomend you check them out at

Tracklist –

YOKO KANNO – Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuunroku – Ashikage theme

TERRY SCOTT TAYLOR – Neverhood – Klaymens Theme

DEVO – Adventures of the Smart Patrol – ADOINT

KENJI ENO – D2 – Distraction 21

KOHEI TANAKA – Gravity Rush – Pleasure Quarter

STEWART COPELAND – Spyro 3 – Mushroom Speedway (Uncompressed)

BEATRICE MARTIN (Cœur de pirate) – Child of Light – Jupiter’s Lighting

THE RESIDENTS – Bad Day on the Midway – Bad Day Re Emerges


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