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How many versions of one song can there be from one game? At the suggestion of listener crazygoji I explore this question with a Title that was probably not expected. In this case it’s 8 versions ranging from 3 channel 8bit to spectacular cd quality Redbook Audio.

Tracklist –

Field – Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (Eiyuu Densetsu) – Meiko Ishikawa, Masaki Kawaii

Versions in order of play

NEC-PC 88/98 – YM2203 – Meiko Ishikawa, Masaki Kawaii

MSX – AY-3-8910 / YM2413 – Meiko Ishikawa, Masaki Kawaii

IBM PC/AT – YM3812 – soundTemp, Goo Hee-Kwon

Super Famicom Satellaview – SPC700 – Meiki Ishikawa, Masaki Kawaii

Sega Mega Drive – YM2612 – Hirofumi Matsuoka

Sony Playstation / Sega Saturn – W-Form Corporation(Studio w4m), Ryuichiro Yamaki, Takeshi Kudo

PCengine/Turbo Grafx CD – Red Book Audio – Ryo Yonemitsu


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