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Now a days it’s pretty common to hear vocals in video game music. But back in the day it was a feat of knowing how to work the soundchips, the results usually being crunchy and distorted. but they have an undeniable charm!

Tracklist –

Yume wa Owatanai – Tales of Phantasia – Toshiyuki Sekiguchi, Hiroya Hatsushiba

Duck! Duck! Duck! (Duck King) – Real Bout Fatal Fury – Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan

“…” of Tears (Saizo Hattori’s Theme) – Power Instinct 2 – Toshikazu Tanaka

Funky Heat (Beach Court) – Street Hoops – Tatsuya Kiuchi, Hiroaki Yoshida

Sakuras’ Theme (I Want You To Know) GBA Version – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo GBA port – Tatsuro Suzuki, Yuko Sasamoto


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