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Thanksgiving….. What is Thanksgiving? Is this Thanksgiving? Are you Thanksgiving?! Hey you over there! Are you Giving Thanks or Thanking Gives!?! Find this out and more here at VGMporium….But seriously I’m just gonna talk about food.

Tracklist –

Potatos, Tomatos, Gravy and Peas – The Neverhood – Terry Scott Taylor

Corn Field Memories – Color Changing Tingles Balloon Trip of Love – Masanori Adachi

Beanstalk Way (Highlands) – Wario World – Norio Hanzawa

Casu Quo (CQ) – FM-YAM C64 Expansion Cart – Mr. Mouse

Chicken Paradise – Ghost Trick – Madakazu Sugimori

Bedight Orbit – Legend of Mana – Yoko Shimomura


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