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Super Hydlide is an OST that has slowly but surely become one of my favorites on the the Mega Drive/Genesis. I wanted to share it but in the context of the game it is an enhanced port of Hydlide 3: The Space Memeories Released only 3 years prior. Composed by one Shigeru Tomita, the the version of the song in Super Hydlide, using the YM2612 w/ the SN76489 surprisingly and masterfully used for percussion, are wild fusion-esque takes on the originals from Hydlide 3, using the YM2203. Get ready for a mad ride of FM auditory delights!

Tracklist –

Hydlide 3 (PC-98) / Super Hydlide (MD)

All composed by Shigeru Tomita

The Space Memories (Main Theme)

Mysterious Dimension (Dimension World)

Dragon!! (Cave of the Dead)

Out of Freedom (Town)

Chaos Separator (Last Dungeon)

Super Hydlide – Dissapear (Ending 1)

Hydlide 3 – The New Creator (Ending 2)


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