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At the suggestion of a few Giant Robo fanatics, I brought in some tunes for games a bit more on the Mech side. Also featuring some original chiptunes from 7daysof VGM September focused in Giant Robots! Time to pull out your strange looking watch, shout into it like wacko and awaken Giganto Mecha!

Tracklist –

Sure Promise (The Big O)- Super Robot Taisen D – Original: Toshihiko Sahashi / Arranged: Akihiro Juichiya, Eiji Hirasawa and Takako Ochiai

Onward! – Day 1 of 7daysofvgm Sep. 2022 – Haberchuck

River Boss – Ranger X – Yoshinobu Hiraiwa, Noriyuki Iwadare

Get Good / Devil’s Machine – Day 3&4 of 7daysofvgm Sep. 2022 – Tobikomi

Bahram Battleship – Zone of Enders 2 – Yoshiyuki Kakuta

Final Clash! Blazing Hero Unleashed! – Day 7 of 7daysofvgm Sep. 2022 – rayjkayj


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