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Greetings from I, Vricent Lurchford and my cohort Laurel Pietre, to all you ghouls and fiends on this dreadfully delightful Hallows Eve. Tonight, from our crypt that is the VGMporium Basement, we shall play for you such spooky and frightful music! Who knows, we may have visitors from beyond the grave!

Tracklist –

Stage 1 – Decap Attack – Hiroto Kanno

Encounter – Michagan: Report From Hell – Madafuni Takada

Stage 2 – Yuurei-kun/Mr. Ghost – Manabu Saito

Floor BGM 2 – Innsmouth No Yokata – Yoshiyuki Ishii, Dota Ando

Haunted House – Gadrelf and His Nine Lives – Alister Brimble

The Hermit – Hyper Light Drifter – Disasterpiece


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