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Another shipment of Special Orders have arrived! This batch has a nice variety of 8-bit tunes with a couple Dreamcast tracks to break it up. If you’d like to Order a song for me to play, send it on over to

Tracklist –

One Minute Love – Border Down – Yasuhisa Watanabe – Ordered by My buddy Wade

BGM #4 (Main Ingame) – Dragon Dance – Iku Mizutani- Ordered by Mike Levy of XVGM Radio

Tilte Theme – Ace II – Rob Hubbard – Ordered by Rob Nichols of Rhythm and Pixels

Shop – Elemental Gimmick Gear -Composer:
Haruyoshi Rokudo / Arranger: Ichiro Shimakura – Randomly Ordered Bedroth of Very Good Music Podcast

Chronos Title Theme 2A03 cover – Remix: Vinylcheese / Composer: Tim Follin – Ordered by Martyrus of Re-VGM


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