Memories of ones first console are always delightful, and mine being the Sega Master System are extra special because none of my other friends had or or even heard of it. Such on odd system with some even odder games. And the music was pretty dang catchy, so much to the point where I can hum and doodle many of the tunes. So join me as I stroll down memory lane to my earliest solid childhood memories!

Tracklist –

Sega Master System Startup Bios

Title, I’m the Miracle Ball, Toy World and Monster World – Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars – Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Prehistoric Age – Time Soldiers – Yuka Watanabe

Ingame Music – Penguin Land – Unknown

Yonensai, The Master – Kenseiden – Unkown

Ingame Music – Ghost House – Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Mt. Tai – Cloud Master – Unknown

Bonus Stage – Shinobi – Yasuhiro Kawakami

Tabas – Fantasy Zone – Originally composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi/ conversion by Tokuhiko Uwabo

Music Type B – Shanghai – Unkown

Red Out – After Burner – Hiroshi Kawaguchi

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