SPORTS! It’s something many a folk get pationate about. I don’t know or care much for sports, but one thing I cannot deny is that many of the games based off them have pretty dang good music!

Tracklist –

Tim and Eric Awesome Show: SPORTS! (VRC6 Remix) – Levis Davis

Super Family Tennis (Smash Tennis) – Yoshinori Kawamoto

Title Theme – Mario Lemauix OST Reloaded! – Haberchuck

Music 8 – Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition (Hyper Dunk) – Miki Higashino

Statistics (Aftermath) – Gekitotsu/Clash Pennant Race 2 – Yuji Takenouchi

You Got A Power! – Wind Jammers – Seiichi Hamada, Tomoyoshi Sato

Title Theme – Kings of the Beach – Rob Hubbard

Quarter Three – NFL Blitz 2000 – Dan Forden

Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Ending (Genesis/Megadrive VGMp Arrange) – rayjkayj

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