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What happens when there is a Forum for Musicians that are extremely enthusiastic about FM synthesis? You get this series of Funktastic Marvels! From new jack swing to J-pop to experimental soundscapes, I hope you enjoy these tracks as much As I do! Fun Fact!- the first album was one of the catalysts that started me on my journey of composing FM chiptunes!

Links for all 3 albums

Making of Sound Shock article

Track list

A Journey Through Modulation Time – dj.tuBIG/MaliceX.

Fashion Queen – Kulor

Five Nine Seven Eight – Virt

Sky Stroll – Zinger (couldn’t find a site with all his music in one spot) & Bacter

There Is No Answer- Keishi Yonao

Where’s my Z Pack? – Shnabubula

Escape From The Lab – Chimeratio

The Lucastrine Beat Machine – Simon Stålenhag Digital Art

Modulation to Move the Mind – naruto Aya Futatsuki & BouKiCHi


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