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The Virtual Boy, an unfortunate disaster of a gaming system. But buried within the wreckage are some top-notch tunes! Had the order for ‘em expedited as a surprise for the fellas at Rhythm & Pixels! Hope after hearing these, you’ll come shop for more!

For an in-depth look at the Virtual Boy and it’s complete library of games, check out Jeremy Parish’s Virtual Boy Works –

Track List –

Singles 1 – Mario’s Tennis – Hitoshi Fukushima, Morihito Iwamoto

Desert of Desolation – Panic Bomber – Shinichi Sakamoto, Jun Chikuma

Stage Theme – Water World – Dean Eveans, Johnathan Dunn

Level Theme 1 – Virtual Boy Warioland – Kazumi Totaka

Temple of Nightmare – Jack Bros. – Hiroyuki Yanada

Bamsham – Telero Boxer – Katsuya Yamano

Ending/Staff Roll – Golf! – Ken Kojima


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  1. My favorite track is the Waterworld one…I like the FLOW of it. I also think that Temple of Nightmares would translate beautifully to a full on orchestra wit a classical interpretation.


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