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Ah yes, Remixes. They are a pillar of the VGM community! OverClocked Remix, Tha Sauce, VGMix and its numbered iterations. But I’ve noticed one gets…over looked… which is appropriate seeing as that it is it’s namesake. Join me as I reminisce on this horribly wacky site of remixes and parodies that introduced me to the Video Game Music remix and taught me that the best way to be a fan of anything is to embrace the ridiculousness!

Check out the site, find your personal Cream of the Crap

Track list

Frenology (Insane in the Skull) – Eriw – Megaman 4 – Skullmans Theme

In Shining Armor – Vindklast – Wizards and Warriors – Title/Ending theme

Return to Wilys – Xenon Odyssey – Megaman 2 – Wily Castle Stage 1

Crystlolz – Mythril Nazgul – Final Fantasy VI – Prelude

That’s One Uglay Baby – Dasaten – Yoshi’s Island – Map Theme / Flower Garden

Deep Down Under – Brunzolaitis – Super Mario Bros. – Underground Theme

MegaMans Universal Gravitation- Tomapella Mega Man 5 – Gravity Mans Theme

Pumpledixie – Nase – Quackshot – Duckberg

Juese Belmont – DMS – Castlevania – Vampire Killer

Artists Sites

Eriw aka Wire

Xenon Odyssey



Nase aka Skoshu


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  1. Thanks for the spotlight on OCL. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before considering all the VGM podcasts I listen to. These remixes are such bold and off-kilter interpretations of music that I already love. BTW, love the podcast. Keep up the good work!


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