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Ever play a game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the music is….not so good?… Well that would be the unfortunately maligned sound of GEMS (Genesis Engine for Music and Sound) But today I’m going to share with you Jams that buck the stigma those tinny, twarmpy, grating tunes have placed upon it. Get ready for some funky, rockin’, new jack swingy goodness to please your ears!

All the tracks played in this episode were recorded through the Mega Blaster 2 created by Aidan Lawrence.

For more in depth info on GEMS, check out this awesome video by GST

Track list

Theme – B.O.B. – Alex Rudis

Coffee Break/Continue – Garfield Caught In The Act – Dwight Stone

Toxic Caves – Sonic Spinball – Howard Drossin

Cheetahmen 1 / Mind’s Eye 2 – Action 52 – Mark Miller

Flight Plan – Robocop vs. Terminator – Mark Miller

Lewanda’s Love – Toe Jam and Earl 2: Panic on Funk-O-Tron – John Baker

Final Results – NBA Jam – John Hey


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