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Welcome back! Today I’ll be playing ya Shop Themes, from chilled out tunes for leisurely window shopping to wacky funky jams that’ll have you boppin’ down the aisles! Also enjoy while I let myself get a little more ridiculous, making a right fool of myself….Such fun.

Track Listing

Tomato Mart – Shenmue – Ryuji Iuchi

Weapon Shop – Esper Dream 2 – Kinuyo Yamashita

Apple Market – Megaman Legends – Makoto Tomozawa

A Store Keeper – Front Mission: Gun Hazard – Yasunori Mitsuda

10th Floor, Shopping District – HaruMKT

Hip Shop – Delta Rune – Toby Fox

Battle Chip Shop – Mega Man Battle Network: Battle Chip Challenge – Yusuke Beppu

Shopping – EVE Burst Error – Ryu Umemoto


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  1. My favorite is A Shop Keeper– it feels jaunty and upbeat. I really like the way you present selections with an overriding theme. Your love for this genre shines through and helps me appreciate the quality and nuance of the artists who create this music. You create great stories for each track so I can begin to hear each one as distinct and unique from the others, something I didn’t do before. Finally, AJ your humor is delightful and you have a wonderful speaking voice. Objectively Yours, deenart.


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